'Accidental Trip' Makeup Bag

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Limited Edition Designer Makeup Bag

Be bright, be bold, be original! This makeup bag sure knows how to make an entrance, and with only 250 available (once they’re gone, they’re gone), it’s sure to stand out in your bathroom, bedroom or handbag. 

Handmade in Canada from durable canvas with ykk zipper and inner pocket, this denim-lined makeup bag features a signature Amy Campbell print that takes everyday use like a champ, while looking fresh and vibrant. Beautiful, functional and versatile, this carry-all is a work of art in its own right and can be used in so many ways – from housing your lippy and mascara through to your phone and wallet.

Its best feature, however, is the fact it’s ethically sourced and proudly ‘slow fashion.’ Slow fashion is exactly what you’d assume - the opposite of ‘fast fashion’ which describes clothing made quickly at the cost of low pay and poor conditions in developing countries. By choosing ethically made brands you’re making a positive and active choice about the clothes you wear, the people who make them and the impact the industry is having on our environment.


      • Denim lined: Indigo denim lining provides a soft, lovely-to-touch structure 
      • Printed canvas: 100% polyester textured canvas shell 
      • Inside pocket: Inner denim pocket to help you stash your smaller items
      • Metal zipper: Choose from long-lasting nickel or brass zippers to suit your style
      • Vegan leather pull tab: Side pull tab provides extra grip.